Life’s a boomerang!

The Law of Reciprocity is quite simple. Essentially it says that people react to us the same way we act towards them. In other words, human emotions and behaviors are contagious. People automatically reflect back the way they are treated (or perceive they are treated). If Denise believes she’s being respected, she, in turn, gives respect back. If she feels she’s being dismissed, she’ll become dismissive. Reciprocity has been bred into us over millions of years and is an instinctive human trait. Road rage is an example of the negative side of reciprocity. Exchanging gifts is the positive side.

So what does reciprocity have to do with helping you make your point? It’s simple. Making your point has as much to do with how you say something as it does with what you say.

When you work in concert with The Law of Reciprocity, you realize that you can have an invisible, yet profound effect on how well you communicate with others. Non-verbal cues such as a smile, eye contact, standing upright and all those other seemingly superficial little things can have an amazing effect on how persuasive you are.

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