The essence of your message

 Ever notice that when you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, about ten minutes before the news comes on the network tries to grab you with a real quick promo? It happens all the time. The networks know how to package the half-hour news into a very short 15-second “grabber” that pulls you in. They do the same thing for their sitcoms, talk shows, dramas and reality shows. And they’re really good at it.

When I coach my clients, we do an acid test with them and challenge them to articulate their entire message in less than 15 seconds, almost as if it were a TV spot. We want them to be able to succinctly state two things in that very short period of time: First, what’s their main topic? And second, why should their listener care? If our clients can give an effective 15-second promo, then we know they have a well-focused message.

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