Support and prove your assertions

The presentations you make, whether formal or informal, long or short, are laced with assertions. Assertions are the life-blood of communication. “I can do the job.” “This program is sensational.” “We’re going to increase profits.” “We really know your industry.” And on and on. But why in the world would anyone believe these hollow claims, unless you provide the facts (evidence) to support them?

So when you make assertions in the body of your presentation, construct “proof points” that provide the evidence for those assertions. This is what will make up the substance of your sub-topics.

Don’t just tell me that you have experience in my industry. Back it up. Cite examples of programs you’ve run and specific experiences you’ve had. Statistics are next. Use numbers as proof points. Don’t say “We do a lot in that marketplace.” Say, “We have a 62% market share.”

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