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Make Your Point!       Think Outside Your Blocks       What's Your Hook?
In less time than it takes to fly from New York to Chicago, readers of Make Your Point! will know exactly what to do to master the spoken word. Kevin Carroll has written a book that's lively, witty and gives down-to-earth advice to every businessperson and college student who wants to be a first-rate communicator. So whether you have to give a presentation, sell, write a paper, or interview for a job, this book will help you get your message across.

      Sure, everyone always says, "Think outside the box." Well that's great, but the only problem is that no one ever shows us how. Whether you're leading a big R&D project, managing a marketing team, or running operations, Think Outside Your Blocks will help you look at your business challenges in a whole new way and help you come up with breakthrough solutions.

      This book is for anyone who has to give a presentation and wants to make certain that their message sticks with their audience. (Ideal for salespeople.) Kevin Carroll shows you how to use stories, analogies, props and a whole lot more in order to: 1. Grab your listener's attention. 2. Make your message easy to understand. 3. Get your message to stick!

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Little KNown Facts About Kevin
He had a very short stint as a stand-up comic.

He once did conflict resolution training for the US Postal Service. Seriously.

He performs customized roasts at national sales meetings.

He invents and sells game ideas.

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