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Think about your listener's needs Smile and speak in a friendly manner Speak with energy and inflection Listen more than you talk Avoid technical jargon Get to the point Be yourself Add some attention getters Never get defensive
Kevin Carroll
Kevin Carroll's Workshops & Seminars Kevin Carroll's Workshops & Seminars
Breakthrough Thinking  Think Outside Your Blocks
Managers are always telling their people “Think outside the box.” Well that’s fine, but no one ever teaches them how. more »
Winning Presentations Make Your Point
This course will sharpen one’s persuasive powers whether they’re trying to sell their ideas within the company or persuade those on the outside. more »
Life’s a Boomerang! The Power of Positive Influence
How well you communicate with others directly affects how successful you’ll be in your career and your personal life. more »
What’s Your Hook? Get your message to stick
Differentiate yourself and make your message more interesting, more memorable & more persuasive. Ideal for salespeople. more »
Executive Presence How do others see you?
In this hands-on workshop, you’ll see how others perceive you and what you need to do to enhance that perception. more »
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